When I bought a house several years ago I bought something that wasn’t good. The house needed a lot of repairs and there was no overview what happened in the last years.

So I had to do an analyse of all the problems and look for things that were still under guarantee. Few the documents of the property were available. Some questions popped up:

  • Who repaired the roof several years ago and is this still ok?
  • What was the company that did the revision of the heating?
  • Where can I find all the changes that the last owner did?

Many questions that were needed when I finally bought the house. Even after a couple of years I still see some things that I’ve should have known before I bought the house….

My first reaction was: if you have a carpass when you buy a second hand car, why isn’t there a housepass were we can retrace the history of the house? All the necessary documents to buy with confidence!

After a period of 3 months my wife and I realised that the house was so bad that the only 2 options we had, was a very intensive renovation or tear the building down and construct a new house. We decided because of the unknown renovation cost to build a new house.

We contacted an architect and after 2 attempts to receive the building permit we finally got the permission to build our own house. But we did’nt know how much paperwork there was needed when it comes to building a house. What did we receive :

  • Quotations
  • Invoices
  • Permits
  • Warrantees
  • Corrections of invoices
  • Pictures

And what did we do? We just put all the documents in folders and locked it away in our new closets. But it didn’t end there. We made a construction budget (the architect made the estimation) and after too many corrections, extra costs, … we no longer had any overview of the total cost of our house.

I’ve made several excel sheets but in the end not one was 100% correct. So I’ve asked myself: how much did the construction cost? I don’t know… . And where are all my documents: still in the closet were we left them 4 years ago.

So what are my problems:

  • I needed an organised document when I bought my house so I could retrace all the things my house survived in the last years.
  • I needed an organised place where I can archive all my documents and retrace them easily
  • I needed a cost overview of my new house so I can finally know how much it costs me

As we did more research we also found many more people with the same problems. But they also struggled with their own finance control. And it did also affect me. How much do I spend every month, how expensive my life is, how much money my wife spends in clothing 😊, … And we have several banking apps but we can’t find any bank were we can connect all the accounts.

As our assumptions were confirmed, we finally could start working towards the key elements of ROOV. We combined a lot of problems where people use several individual tools and make it one. Our main functionalities are:

  • A safe digital archive were you easily can retrace all your documents
  • An application were you can share those documents to others (housepass tranfer)
  • A tool were you have an overview of all your expenses
  • A application where you can optimize your costs

The created a solution based with the principle of MOBILE FIRST. We strongly believe that the mobile phone will be the most important in the future.

Now that we are near the launch of ROOV we have the ambition to add a lot of new features in te future so ROOV becomes even better and more complete. In the next weeks we are working towards the launch of our digital marketplace. Get the possibility to optimize your expenses. Secondly we want to achieve our PSD2 license so we can integrate your bankinginformation into the app.

The start of ROOV is now and I hope that many new subscribers will use our fantastic app that will become your personal finance app.

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