Analyse Financial housekeeping in 1 overview

Gain insight into your costs and expenses. As your personal accountant, we will make sure that you no longer face any financial surprises. Budgeting has never been easier!

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Clear visuals

Easy-to-read graphs show your cash flow for each defined category

All your income and expenses subdivided in categories and shown in visuals. Monthly and yearly comparisons allow to spot trends and deviations, hence, to fine-tune your budget.

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Detailed insights and expense evolution

Zoom-in on your spending pattern

Share your account with your partner and plan your budget together. Want to monitor the evolution of your phone bills over the past years? Check!

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Pro-active alerts

Never miss a payment anymore

Some months are heavier than others in terms of spending. Avoid surprises and look at your expense history. Want a reminder for a payment deadline? Our app prompts you to pay and nothing else needs to be done.

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Banking All your accounts in 1 place

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Organise Organise online digital archive

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Analyse Financial housekeeping in 1 overview

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Optimise Optimisation proposals from our app


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