Banking All your accounts in 1 place

Swapping banking apps and keeping track of your expenses and payments through spreadsheets belongs to the past with ROOV. Our app offers a fully integrated personal finance and administration tool tailored to your needs.

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Multiple banks and accounts

All your bank transactions in one place

Whatever type of account you have with whichever bank: gather them all in one place. Get a clear overview of your transactions and decide which category you want to assign to which costs. 

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Link your invoices and payments

Easily link your invoices to your payments

Incoming invoices and your bank accounts are intelligently linked so that payments can be linked and categorised.
Get notifications when you threaten to pay an invoice too late (no more penalties).


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Effective payment tool

Pay your invoices or transfer money to other accounts (later available)

It’s safe! Initiate the payments our app proposes with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. No more extra fees for late payments.

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Banking All your accounts in 1 place

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Organise Organise online digital archive

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Analyse Financial housekeeping in 1 overview

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Optimise Optimisation proposals from our app


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