News - 15 12 20 1 million Belgian households could save more than € 500 a year on their energy bill with ROOV

besparen op energie

The CRG figures show that Belgian households pay too much for energy, despite the fact that average energy prices have fallen. How is this possible? Private individuals very rarely change energy supplier because they find it difficult to change, they ask themselves how they should compare,... But just by not changing, they miss out on cheaper prices. ROOV offers the solution. We compare for you whether you can saven on energy, without having to put a lot of effort into it yourself. Read on.

ROOV compares energy suppliers for you

Do you find it difficult to change your contract? Do you wonder how you can best compare? We compare different energy suppliers for you, all you have to do is upload your final bill and we immediately show you a clear overview of the different energy suppliers and tariffs and you choose whether or not you want to switch. As simple as that. 

Nick: "I saved € 1.500 by using the ROOV comparator". Read the article here


How to get started with the ROOV comparator?

Download ROOV

Go to the Compare tab and click on find a better deal

screenshot find a better deal

Upload your energy settlement bill and our AI will try to fill out this form for you. Please check if there are still things to be completed or adjusted.`

screenshot upload energy settelement bill


If you have previously upgraded your energy bill, open it from the documents tab and choose "find a better deal".

find a better deal

Among other things, you can modify:

  • Your situation (new contract, relocation, change of supplier, urgent (the network operator threatens disconnection)
  • Tariff preference (fixed, variable, no preference)
  • You can tick the future use of direct debit 
  • Fill in your consumption and how much green energy you want at least

Once the form has been completed, you can discover whether you can save by changing supplier or formula (Belgian suppliers only). The information you fill in will be sent anonymously to our partner, e-Contract BVBA.

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Stop paying too much for energy and change energy supplier today with ROOV Compare.


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