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Saving money without any effort, minimal input, maximum return and privacy: the 3 values of ROOV. Read on quickly.


1) Saving money without any effort

geld besparen

The app will save you more money than any other banking financial app. Get proposals to save on energy, telecoms, insurance, loans, mutual funds at the touch of a button (available soon). Because we put our users in the centre, we are going to convert personalized data into usable information that we will offer to comparators, telecom companies, insurers and this in an anonymous way, after permission of the user. It is therefore a must that for every ROOV user there will be a direct financial saving that is significantly higher than with any other financial app. This saving is applied to your individual situation and is completely anonymised in privacy regulations.

2) Minimal effort, maximum return

minimal effort maximum results

For the time you invest in using the app you should get maximum return. All you have to do is upload a document/photo or fill in a form. What do you get in return?

  • Never lose a document again thanks to the secure digital archive in the cloud.
  • AI data recognition: AI analyses your document or a photo of it, suggests a category and fills in the details in the right place.
  • All your accounts in 1 place (available soon)
  • You will never forget a payment thanks to our proactive warnings
  • Keep your expenses under control by setting up budget alerts (available soon).
  • Automatic linking of invoices and payments (available soon)
  • Clearly readable graphs show you the cost evolution for each defined category

3) Privacy


The data captured and analysed by us will not be resold to third parties without the express consent of the user himself. The data is stored in a secure banking archive where the strictest security standards apply. We, too, must comply with standards and guidelines imposed by the National Bank of Belgium to which all banks must adhere.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation has continued in recent years in companies: computer systems and analyses have been created to save time in order to be more involved in the core activities, i.e. developing strategies, building teams, generating turnover,... In the case of private households, it has become clear over the years that the same digital transformation is slower to apply. There are fewer young start-ups focusing on personal finance and administration. 

Thanks to the PSD2 licence, which has been issued since 2019, there are numerous opportunities to organise the financial administration of families in a proper and correct manner. These are regulated under the strictest safety standards applied by the National Bank of Belgium. Every company that enters the personal finance environment has to comply with strict regulations and is controlled by the National Bank of Belgium, in which several matters are extremely important:

  • what to do with the user's data
  • How safe are you to handle the data?
  • how hard one is protected against external abuses.

We ourselves have chosen to prioritise 3 core values from which we do not deviate:

  • Saving money without any effort
  • Minimal effort, maximum return
  • Privacy

After a long development period of our application, we are convinced that these 3 core values ensure that every user feels safe where his documents, his financial transactions are stored. That he gets a significant added value based on his own spending pattern, not only in the short term but also in the long term.

Where companies have used accountants over the years, with ROOV we are taking the next step to become the digital accountant of families, where everyone should get insight, peace of mind and savings with the least effort.

Frédéric Vandenhende 



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