Tips & tricks - 05 08 21 5 reasons why you should choose ROOV Premium

woman with phone and bank card

By taking out a ROOV premium subscription you will save time and money? How? Check it out.

1. Link your bank accounts

Get an instant and clear overview of your income and expenses by linking your bank accounts.

Adding categories and you're done. See at a glance where you can save. Save time immediately. 

Read here which banks are connected. 

2. Share your wallet

Do you want to share your income and expenses with your partner, housemate,... so that everyone is aware of the common balance. 



3. Create multiple portfolios

A wallet for common expenses and one for personal expenses? A wallet specifically for travel expenses. It is all possible. Choose how many wallets you want to add.

4. Start 7 days free of charge

Anyone can start ROOV premium free of charge for 7 days.

  • Desktop: ga naar mijn profiel, abonnement, beheer abonnement, en klik op start proefperiode.
  • Mobile/tablet: Ga naar de avatar knop rechts bovenaan, kies voor abonnement, klik op ROOV Premium proberen.

5. Refer a friend

Tell your friends, family, acquaintances about us. If they download ROOV and become Premium users, you will get 1 month of Premium for free.
The more people you bring in as paying customers, the more months you get for free.🎁🎁👇

  • Click here and invite your friends.
  • After downloading ROOV your friend clicks on the personal link he received from you.
  • If your friend becomes a Premium user you get 1 month for free.


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