Tips & tricks - 08 12 20 5 reasons why you should have ROOV as your personal finance app

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Companies have accountants to put their administration and paperwork in order. For private individuals, there is ROOV, the personal finance app that saves you money. ROOV is the all-in-one app that helps you with your budget management and administration. You may wonder why you need an app and what ROOV can do for you. Read on. 

1. Save money with limited effort

It's the first app that actively helps you save money, with limited effort. For example, our comparator module automatically shows where there are opportunities to save and we offer you the opportunity to switch immediately. And this for: 

  • Energy (live)
  • Telecom (soon available)
  • Insurances (soon available)
  • Loans (later available)
  • ...

2. Everything central in 1 app

1 app that gives you a complete overview of your financial administration. No more searching for invoices, documents,... done with switching between banking apps, mails, cloud storage,... We ensure that you can manage your personal administration very easily and quickly

3. Stop the paper mountain and work digitally

Sustainability is topical and ubiquitous, and we want to make an important contribution. A lot of people receive invoices by e-mail, print them out and put them in a folder to do nothing with them afterwards. ROOV is a fully digital app in which you can store your documents in a highly secure digital archive.  

4. Simplify your administration

The app offers an incredible number of features that make administration much easier:

  • Never pay an invoice late again (the app shows which invoices are not yet marked as paid)
  • Connect your bank accounts with ROOV
  • Get a clear overview of evolutions in your spending pattern and immediately see where you can make savings. 
  • Compare yourself with others (soon available)
  • Share your expenses, income, documents,... with your partner/friend/roommate,...
  • ...

5. Independent and respect for your privacy

ROOV is independent and not linked to any external party. The privacy of our users is extremely important for us. The data captured and analysed by us will not be passed on to third parties without the user's express consent. 

Just try it. Simplify your administration and download ROOV, the personal finance app that saves money. 

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