Tips & tricks - 23 08 21 5 simple tips to save money

save money

Simple savings done with our 5 tips. Check it out. 

1. Go to the store with a shopping list

Shop with a purpose. Make a schedule in advance for the entire week. What dishes are you going to cook and what do you specifically need. Avoid impulse buying by going to the shop with a full stomach. When you are hungry, you unconsciously take more groceries than you had originally planned.

2. Pay your bills on time

Avoid extra costs by paying invoices late. Simply upload your invoices into the ROOV app and get an alert when your invoice is about to expire. Once you have paid the invoice you can mark it as paid and link it to your bank transaction.

3. Borrowing objects instead of buying them

Do you really need to buy it if you only use it once or twice a year? Can't you borrow it from friends or family, for example? Think of a drill, tent, ...


4. Check your payments by direct debit

Regularly check your monthly payments. Are you still paying for the gym, but you don't really go anymore, or do you have a subscription to a newspaper, but you don't read the newspaper enough. 

Can you save on energy and car insurance? Check it out in the ROOV app.

5. Clean out your closet and sell items

Go through your closet critically, haven't you worn a garment for a year and is it still in good condition? Sell it online and earn a little money.


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