Tips & tricks - 03 07 20 5 tips for a budget-friendly holiday

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Car holiday, city trip, flying holiday or camping? Read our 5 tips for a budget-friendly holiday and enjoy a carefree journey!

1. Go on holiday in your own country

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Like many Belgians, do you opt for a holiday in your own country this summer? 
Great! These are the advantages:

  • Short travel time: you're not on the road for long, no hours in the car
  • No expensive plane tickets 
  • You speak the language
  • You choose how much luggage you want to take with you, no limit on the number of kilos of luggage you take with you.

2. Avoid travelling in high season

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If you don't have children, it's easier to travel out of season. It is best to avoid the months of July and August if possible.  

  • If you book at a different time, you will often find flight tickets that are a lot cheaper, you will sometimes not pay much more than for a train ticket for a day trip in Belgium. 
  • Besides cheaper airline tickets, you will also pay a lot less for your stay. 
  • Another plus is that it is a lot quieter.
  • In some countries it is better to travel outside the high season. In Asia it is best not to travel in July and August because it is rainy season. Mexico can also be avoided in this period because of the warm temperature.

3. Search for your holiday in a smart way

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  • Surf incognito. Many websites that offer online holidays, hotels or flights use cookies to know if you have visited the website before and if you are interested in certain destinations. It may be that the price of your hotel or flight is suddenly much higher if you look it up at a later time. To avoid this genre of use of cookies, we recommend that you use the private or incognito mode of your browser. Just press ctrl + shift + N and you can get started! (command + shift + N for Mac users).

4. Look for free activities

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  • Taking long walks in nature or in historic cities is not only healthy, but also cheap. You can see and discover more on foot because you can take in your surroundings at a quieter pace.
  • Are you a student or 65 + ? If this is the case, you often get discounts or you can enter certain museums for free.
  • Look for a free walking tour. Both in Belgium and abroad you can get free tours from locals, if you know where to look. In Belgium, cities such as Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges are particularly popular. You can certainly find some ideas at

5. Live and eat like a local

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  • Every night at the restaurant is certainly fun, but not so good for your wallet. Avoid tourist places to eat, as these are often more expensive. Let yourself be guided by a local who often has very nice and budget-friendly addresses.
  • Buy food in the supermarket or at a local market and have a picnic in a park.

Do you opt for the advantages of a holiday at home or an off-season holiday abroad? A holiday certainly doesn't have to be expensive. Pay attention when you search online that you do so in incognito mode. See where there are free activities and eat like a local. With these 5 tips you can go on holiday with peace of mind.




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