Tips & tricks - 08 01 21 5 tips for budgeting in 2021

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Do you wonder how to start budgeting? Read our 5 budgeting tips and get started in 2021.

1. List all your costs

  • Start by listing all your costs and make a distinction between variable costs (shopping, takeaway,...) and fixed costs (rent/loan, energy and telecom costs,...)
  • You can use an app such as ROOV to keep track of everything in a digital way. In this way you can link a category to all the things you add into the app (house, bills, basic, personal, entertainment, transport). 

2. List all your income

Once you have listed all your costs, it is important to note what you earn monthly. Think of wages and rents, for example. 

3. Discover where you can save money

  • Once you have mapped all the costs and categorized them, you can quickly see where you can save money. 
  • Do you wonder if you can save on energy, but you think it's too much work to find it out yourself? No problem with the ROOV comparator, just upload a final bill or fill out a form and we will compare the energy suppliers and formulas for you. 

4. Set up savings targets

  • It is important to establish savings targets. For example, if you want to save for a house, car, ... then it is important that you put money aside every month and that you do not use this money for something else. Draw up a savings target that is realistic and that you can certainly achieve every month. 
  • Evaluate your savings targets, do you manage to achieve them every month, or do you notice, for example, that you can put even more aside, then adjust your savings target. 

5. Download ROOV

Download ROOV, the personal finance app that saves you money

  • Thanks to the ROOV comparator, you can immediately see whether you can save on energy. 
  • Via the statistics tab you can see in a clear way which categories you can save on. 
  • Digital first, no more full file cabinets, everything in stored in a highly secure archive in the cloud. 
  • All this with respect for your privacy.
  • Soon it will be possible to link your accounts, allowing you to consult all your accounts in 1 independent app and this will save you time. 
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