Story - 09 08 21 A look behind the scenes. Meet Pieter-Jan, web developer and system administrator.

foto van Pieter-Jan

Get to know the people behind ROOV better. Meet Pieter-Jan, web developer and system administrator at ROOV. 

Start at ROOV

I was looking for a young, dynamic team where I could grow as a developer.
I have chosen a start-up for this, which allowed me to develop myself in many different areas.

Why did you choose ROOV as a company

I have the opportunity to grow with the company.  In this way, I have learned a lot in a short time. 

I like the responsibility; right now, I am responsible for the user interface of the web application. 

Another plus I find in the job is the variety. No day is the same.

In addition, it is a very nice atmosphere to work in. Besides work, there is also time for fun. Think of eating chips together or playing paddle tennis, pool, you name it. During corona, this was a bit more difficult, but then we did an after-work session behind the PC. 

What do you like about the job?

I do a lot of sports: badminton, running, cycling,... Besides that, I can also relax by playing board games, or going out for dinner.


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