Story - 24 06 21 A look behind the scenes: meet Dieter

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Get to know the people better behind ROOV. Today we meet Dieter, Senior iOS Developer.

Start at ROOV

Two months ago I was fortunate enough to start as a Senior iOS Developer at ROOV.
It is not easy to switch jobs during the corona pandemic…
Due to the precautions like remote work, it is far from easy to start somewhere as a new employee.

Although, I can say that I received a very warm (digital) welcome from my new co-workers!

What do you like about the job?

The main thing I like the most at ROOV, is the healthy balance between working with a short term, hands-on mentality VS working towards a long term goal.
By doing continuous delivery, we regularly offer an update to our customers but in the mean time I get the time to set out a robust architecture so the app can scale alongside the company.

The iOS app is built completely built with SwiftUI, Combine and is available for devices starting iOS 14.
This gives me the opportunity to work with the latest Apple frameworks and in that way, my knowledge stays up to date.

Working with brand new technologies has it's limitations and frustrations, but that allows me to think outside the box and makes my job very interesting!
In the meantime, I have been working on the newest ROOV feature: the dashboard.
This dashboard allows the user to have a clear overview of their bank accounts and with notifications, it guides the user through the app to get the most out of ROOV.

Feel free to have a look and download the app in the App Store or Google play!

Why did you choose ROOV?

I chose ROOV because it allows me to grow with a start-up. My work now has much more influence than if I were working for a grown-up company.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Actually, I love water, I love to swim and I also love to go to a spa/sauna. This was put on hold by Corona. I need to book an appointment soon.

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