Story - 20 09 21 A look behind the scenes: Meet Kevin


Get to know the people behind ROOV better. Meet Kevin, CTO at ROOV. 

CTO, what's in a name?

CTO, or in full Chief Technology Officer. What does a CTO do?

I am responsible for all technical matters. That includes both managing our IT infrastructure and managing the IT team. I have to ensure that all our employees, and the developers in particular, can work (together) in an efficient manner.

As a member of the management, I can help determine the direction of the project. It is a bridging function to keep business and IT on the same page. Together with our CEO, I do a first analysis of new ideas and an evaluation of existing features. Then I do this together with the IT team to come to a concrete planning.

How would you describe your daily routine?

Like most IT people, I like to start my day with a cup of coffee. Then I check in with the entire IT team in the daily scrum meeting. For the rest, I don't have a typical daily schedule. Every day is different.

I mainly assist and manage the IT team and I take care of the coordination with some external partners. I also provide technical support to the management, the marketing team and the customer service department. So that means a lot of meetings, phone calls, emails...

Once in a while, I make some time to do some programming myself. I enjoy doing this and it keeps me in touch with the work of our developers.

What do you like about the job?

What I like about the job is the social aspect. I like working with many different people. Everyone is different and requires their own approach. It is a very varied job, which keeps it interesting and challenging. A management position also suits me. I like to be in the driving seat and I like the fact that I have an influence on the future of the project.

Why did you choose for ROOV?

I have worked as a freelance consultant for a long time. I missed the fact that I had no permanent colleagues and wanted to be able to work with others in a team. The family culture at ROOV really appealed to me, as well as the growth opportunities you have in a start-up.

The project is of course the most important thing, and in ROOV I saw something I wanted to work on together.

What do you do besides work?

Two nights a week I play table tennis, both training and competition. Apart from that, I can enjoy series, films, music, a good glass of whisky or a visit to the family. To really relax, I practise meditation and go to the sauna once in a while.


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