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Contest rules of the contest to get your energy (max. € 250) or telecom bill (max. € 250) refunded for 1 month.

1. Survey Organiser and contest

The survey and competition is organized by ROOV, the financial administration app for private individuals.

2. Who can participate?

  • Each person can only take part in the competition once.
  • Companies cannot take part in the contest.
  • However, minors may only take part in a contest if they have the express permission of one of their parents or guardian. If a minor participates in a contest, ROOV assumes that he/she has the permission of his/her parents or guardian. If the minor is unable to present this consent, he/she may be denied further participation in the contest at any time, or his/her right to a prize may be withdrawn. 

Participation in the contest presupposes full acceptance of the contest rules by the participant.

3. Competition course

In order to take part in the contest, you must do the following:

  • Fill in the budget survey with a tiebreaker and email address
  • You can participate once per family


4. Prices

3 winners who will be reimbursed either 1 month's energy bill (monthly bill) (maximum amount of €250) or 1 month's telecoms bill (maximum amount of €250).

A prize can only be awarded to the winner of a contest and is therefore not transferable (including any sale) to any other person. Any attempted fraud will be punished with the immediate exclusion of the participant.

5. Determination of winners

If there are too few or no winners, the prize will go to the participant(s) closest to the answer of the contest. In the event of an ex aequo, the participant who participated first will be designated the winner.


6. Amendments to the regulations

The organizer reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the competition at any time in any jurisdiction if it is forced to do so for legal reasons or for imperative self-regulatory reasons, without any right to compensation or concessions in respect of the participants.

Any changes to the rules will be communicated on our website.

The competition will be extended for a number of weeks.

7. Privacy

For this contest we collect data that we treat with care. Read all about it in our privacy policy.

8. Contact details

If you have any questions or problems, please send an email to:


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