Story - 15 03 19 David's testimonial, one of the first users of ROOV

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Read this interview and see why David uses ROOV and what he thinks are the biggest advantages.

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Why did you download ROOV?

I’ve tried many apps in the past but I always came to the same conclusion: for all my needs there was never a complete tool. After using Excell, a household book, … I saw the limitations of all those tools.

How long do you use ROOV at this moment?

I’m using ROOV for 1,5 months. What charmed me was that this is the first Belgian company that could answer practically to all my questions. I strongly believe this is only the beginning of the possibilities, but nevertheless I’m very satisfied of the basic version, that is already simplifying things for me.

What are the biggest advantages of ROOV for you?

The main advantage for me is that combines my digital archive in one place with my insights in my costs an income. I can easily see where I’ve spend my money. Also my cash payments (grocery, bar, ...) can be added in my account. But it would be easy if there could be a connection with a bank, but this is coming in the near future. (been told)

How can ROOV become better?

I really expect a lot from the digital marketplace and the integration with my bank.

What is your financial goal for this year & would the new planned feature budget alert be useful for you?

At this time I’m saving for a trip to Asia at the end of this year. I’m trying to save at least 250 euro/month. Thanks to the budget alert I would save on my restaurant expenses that are realy high at this moment. A warning when I will pass my limit on these expenses, would be very nice.


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