Tips & tricks - 14 08 20 How do you get your personal administration in order?

financial administration in map or app

Did you know that 42% of young people between 26 and 35 are lost in administration? Are you also struggling to get a grip on your financial administration? Read on.

Sort all your documents by category

You will receive a lot of documents, such as guarantee certificates, invoices by post, but also by mail. Start by creating a clear overview. You can view all invoices, documents,... sort by category e.g. work, insurance, housing, transport, you name it. You can use a folder, sorting tray or you can use an app like ROOV. Via the digital archive in the app you can store all paperwork in a highly secured digital archive. Do you want an overview of a certain category? The search function in the app ensures that you will find everything immediately. The app also offers the possibility to share your income, expenses and documents with housemates, partner if you wish.

Create a routine

Don't delay your administration. Start by opening your mailbox every day. As soon as you receive an invoice, receipt, or any other document, make a habit of sorting it right away, or upload it into an app, saving you time that you can invest in other things.

Advantages of a well-ordered administration

  • You save money: by keeping all documents in a structured way, you will less often overlook an account and avoid penalties for late payment. Because you have a clear overview of all your invoices and documents, you will have fewer subscriptions you didn't know about.
  • You save time and energy: by immediately putting your administration in order, you don't have to spend hours looking for invoices or documents.

How long should you keep documents?

  • Diplomas and certificates must be kept for life
  • Copy of the tax return at least 7 years
  • Checkout tickets: 1 month
  • Purchase invoices and/or proof of warranty for electrical appliances, furniture: 2 years. The legal warranty period is at least 2 years.

Would you like to know more about which documents you should keep for how long? Take a look at the website of the Flemish government.

With these tips you will never have to deal with an administrative mess again. Everything is clear and structured.

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