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Wondering how to get started with ROOV, the personal finance app that saves money? Read our manual. 

2.Upload a document or fill out a form

2.1 If you haven't a document

  • Click on the pink button and choose for the option: add a document 

screenshot voeg een document toe

screenshot add document without file


screenshot add document    screenshot fill out form

  • Choose a category: income, house, bills, basics, personal, leisure, transport.  
  • Enter the name (mandatory field)
  • Company name and VAT number 
  • You can indicate document as recurring (once only, monthly, annually)
  • Fill in date + final payment date
  • If you have already paid the amount you can mark the tick mark as paid
  • You can add tags (to group expenses, e.g. all your fixed costs can be tagged fixed costs)


screenshot vul formulier in


screenshot new document  screenshot mark as paid

2.2 If you have a document

  • Click on the pink plus button and choose one of the following options:
    • Select the files from your computer/smartphone/tablet (JPG, PNG or PDF)
    • Drag and drop a document from your computer to ROOV
    • Send a mail to your ROOV mail address (this can be found via my profile, wallets), note this can only be PDF documents that you can send. 
    • Take a picture with your smartphone
  • Our AI system will fill in the fields automatically, you just need to validate whether the fields are correct for you, you can for example change the category or title, add tags (if you want to group expenses e.g. all your fixed costs you can give the tag fixed costs), and if it's an invoice you can mark it as paid by checking the box net to mark as paid. 

screenshot voeg een document toe

screenshot add document


screenshot add document  screenshot upload document

3. Clear overview of all your documents

  • If you click on documents, you will get a clear overview of all your documents and you can filter by category of expenditure and also see, for example, which invoices have not yet been paid. 


documents overview


screenshot all documents  screenshot documents

4. Optimise and save money

Go to the Compare tab and click on find a better deal

find a better deal

Upload your energy settlement bill and our AI will try to fill out this form for you. Please check if there are still things to be completed or adjusted.

upload energy settlement bill


If you have previously upgraded your energy bill, open it from the documents tab and choose "find a better deal".

find a better deal

Among other things, you can modify:

  • Your situation (new contract, relocation, change of supplier, urgent (the network operator threatens disconnection)
  • Tariff preference (fixed, variable, no preference)
  • You can tick the future use of direct debit 
  • Fill in your consumption and how much green energy you want at least

Once the form has been completed, you can discover whether you can save by changing supplier or formula (Belgian suppliers only). The information you fill in will be sent anonymously to our partner, e-Contract BVBA.

5. Dashboard: clear graphs

  • Via the dashboard, you can consult your income, expenditure and balance sheet via clearly readable graphs. You can also see how much you spend per category/tag and what your average expenditure is. 


screenshot dashboard


screenshot statistics   screenshot statistics

6. modify profile

If you go to my profile, you can, change the following:

  • Basic info 
  • Categories
  • Share your wallet with someone (premium only)
  • Your subscription
  • Your password 




screenshot profile

screenshot profile


screenshot profiel

We wish you a lot of fun using our app! Do you have any questions or ideas to improve our app? Don't hesitate to send an email to

We will try to help you as soon as possible!

The ROOV team


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