Tips & tricks - 26 08 20 How to save for a house

handing over key when buying a house

Saving for a house or apartment, how do you start? Which things should you take into account? Read on.

Decide how much you want to save?

In order to know how much you need to save to buy a property it is best to research the following things first:

  • How much does a property cost on average in the region where you want to buy? Do research online or visit a real estate agent to find out. 
  • Take into account additional costs such as registration costs, deed costs, notary fees.
  • Visit several banks or obtain online information about possible loans. In order to set up your savings target, it is best to take the following into account: if you want to borrow money from the bank, it is best to use 20% of the purchase price that you would have to save yourself.

View your income and expenses

In order to be able to save, you need to have a clear view on what you spend each month. Write down all your expenses, both large and small. You can use a household budget book or you can keep track of it in an app like ROOV. See what you have left and where you can save. Think about energy, telecom, insurance. ROOV will sort it out for you

Separate savings account

To avoid getting the money specifically for buying your home, it is better to place this money in a separate account. This way you can transfer a fixed monthly amount to this account.

Extra income?

Achieve your savings target faster? See if you can generate extra income. Think about a flexi-job in the weekend. Do you have stuff you don't use anymore? Give them a second life and sell them. Not only does it create order in your house, it also earns you a penny.


Will you be able to reach your monthly savings target? Keep a consistent eye on your spending. See if there are still things you can save on in order to reach your savings target.

With these tips saving for your dream home becomes a lot easier. 

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