Tips & tricks - 15 07 20 How to save money when buying groceries?

tas met boodschappen

How many times did you came home with more grocereis than you needed? Read our tips and spend less money on your groceries

1. Determine a fixed budget for groceries

Determine in advance how much you want to spend on groceries per week / per month. You can write this down in a notebook or use an app. ROOV, the financial administration app, will soon enable you to receive alerts when you tend to exceed a certain predetermined budget.

2. Plan what you need in advance

Decide in advance which dishes you will be preparing next week. Make a shopping list.  You can write this down on paper or use an app. This way you avoid buying things you don't really need. 

3. Eat before you go to the store

If you haven't eaten yet and you go to the store you often buy a lot more. This is because you are hungry and everything looks so good. Your eyes are often bigger than your belly. By eating in advance you will buy less impulse food.

4. Rather go 1 time a week instead of multiple times

You might buy for a relatively small amount each time, but if you add it all up at the end of the week you will lose a large amount, much more than you would buy everything at once.

5. Don't be misled by promotions

If you see a 2+1 free promotion, check if you really need it. Is it a basic product that you buy often and can keep for a long time? Then this is definitely a good promotion for you. Always be critical. Do I really need this product? 

6. Watch out for products at eye level

It is very tempting to take the products that are at eye level. But it is worthwhile to take a look up or down the shelves. The products there are often a lot cheaper than those at eye level. 

7. Buy Seasonal

Not only will the taste be much better for greetings or fruit of the season. You will also pay much less for it than if you buy it out of season. For example, strawberries, berries, raspberries, cherries, plums are a good choice in summer. 

With these tips shopping will become  a lot easier and cheaper. 
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