Tips & tricks - 18 05 21 How to use ROOV like a pro?

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Wondering how to get the most out of ROOV? Read on quickly.

Congratulations on downloading ROOV! If you haven’t done this yet, don’t worry, you can get started for free by clicking one of the buttons below.

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ROOV helps you manage and visualise your expenses so that you can figure out where you can save. Step 1 in this process is creating an overview of where your money is going. You can do this in 2 ways. 
1. The easy way
2. The still easy but a little more work way

The first step: creating an overview

1. The easy way

Connect your bank accounts to the app! Thanks to our license from the National Bank of Belgium we can make this process as easy as pushing a few buttons. Setting up the connection between your bank account and ROOV allows the app to access your transaction data and make it available for analysis.

screenshot link your bank account app

When you sign up for a trial you can test this feature out for free for 7 days! 

How to start a trial? 

Click on the more tab, and click on try ROOV PREMIUM

screenshot try roov premium

Once your account(s) are connected you can start assigning a category to each of your transactions, so that they appear in your statistics.

Pro tip: you can also link transactions to individual invoices!  This is your chance to become the accountant you’ve always dreamed of becoming. 😎

2. The ‘still-easy-but-a-little-more-work-Way’

You can add transactions manually by clicking on the big pink button. Tapping the button gives you a few ways to add a document; just upload, take a picture or simply add a manual transaction (if you don't have a document, invoice or receipt).

screenshot statistics

When you take a picture of a receipt and add it to the app our algorithm scans it and fills out the form for you. The form includes where the receipt is from, the date, the amount you spent etc.

When you mark the receipt as ‘paid’ it will show up in your executed transactions. If you don't mark the invoice as paid, it will appear in your plannend transactions and you will see a notification on the date the invoice is due, making sure you don't forget and so you don't have to pay penalties. Repeat this process for the expenses you want to track. 

Pro tip: When working manually it helps by starting with your fixed, recurring expenses like electricity, phone or insurance costs.  After that you can work with what you feel are your biggest day to day expenses, like groceries or fuel for your car. This makes your journey to becoming a budgeting pro much easier to achieve!

Congrats! You now have a great overview of all your expenses in your app. Now What? 

The second step: Start Saving

Start saving! Now that you have a well designed overview of all your most important expenses you can quickly find out which categories are getting too large. This is the point where you ask yourself: Should I buy less shoes?  This is the hard part. That’s why we decided to help you reduce your expenses on utilities like electricity, gas, internet, or phone bills. This way you can keep buying shoes or, save for a holiday! 

ROOV Compare currently helps you analyse your electricity and gas bill (more coming soon!) Just tap the ‘compare’ button in the app, fill out the form by telling us about your energy consumption and how much green energy you want in your offer. ROOV will then check your rates against the market to find you the cheapest provider. If you already have the lowest possible rates on the market we will let you know! 

Good to know: the info you enter is sent anonymously to our partner, e-Contract BVBA. 

screenshot find a better deal appscreenshot upload energy settlement bill app screenshot find a better deal app

Pro tip: If you take a picture or forward an energy final bill via email, you can make a comparison by clicking on the document and selecting "Find a better deal. Our AI will fill out the form. All you have to do is check that all the information is filled in correctly. So you don't have to fill out the form.

The third step: build your archive

If you followed the instructions above, you should now have many transactions and invoices in your ROOV account. This is the start of your archive, your supercharged personal administration. Do you have any other receipts, proof of payments, warranties, invoices or certificates laying around? Add them to the app! Even if the document does not related to an actual expense, like the energy efficiency certification for your house, you can still save it in the app. Why would you do this? ROOV can help you by being your one stop shop for anything related to personal finance and the administration of your life.

The idea behind the app started when our CEO, Frederic Vandenhende, was having his dream home built together with his wife. He needed a way to keep track of all the administration, invoices and warranties that were involved with building a house. Frederic did not have ROOV when he started building his house and as a result he is now the proud owner of lots and lots of paper that is just sitting somewhere in his attic. If he had ROOV a few years ago, he would now be able to quickly see which contractor did the roof to his house or how much he paid for the couch in the living room and if it is still under warranty. The real value however is that ROOV would have helped him create a full picture of everything he spent on the house with a detailed record of all documents created in the process. 

We hope you enjoy using our app! Do you have any questions, ideas or suggestions? Don't hesitate to contact us and send an email to

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