Tips & tricks - 29 07 21 Invite your friends and get a reward

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Tell your friends, family, acquaintances about us. If they download ROOV and become Premium users, you will get 1 month of Premium for free.
The more people you bring in as paying customers, the more months you get for free.🎁🎁👇

Hoe werkt het?

  1. Click here and invite your friends.
  2. After downloading ROOV your friend clicks on the personal link he received from you.
  3. If your friend becomes a Premium user you get 1 month for free.

What's included in your Premium subscription

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✔ 1 app for all your personal finances. 
Highly secure digital archive for all your documents and invoices.
✔ Insights into your costs and revenue.
Save money on energy and insurance.
✔ Never pay an invoice too late again.
Data privacy guaranteed.
✔ Create and share multiple wallets 


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