Story - 06 07 21 A look behind the scenes: meet Patricia

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Get to know the people behind ROOV better. Meet Patricia, HR Manager, today.

Start at ROOV

I started at ROOV in March 2021. Changing jobs is always exciting. And then again in the full corona period where you get to know your colleagues digitally. 

Since I was going to fill the new position of HR manager at ROOV, I was not welcomed by someone from HR but by the CTO Kevin. He gave me a warm welcome. 

I have now been working for ROOV for 3 months and I do not regret my decision for a second. It is always a bit of a wait and see where you end up, but at ROOV you immediately feel at home. The family bond between the employees is very nice. There is some laughter here. There is a homely, amicable atmosphere. 

What do you like about the job?

What I like about my job is that I have contact with everyone in the company, which is also what I am looking for in my role.

I strongly believe in a personal connection in a human way. In addition, the fact that I can find the right people who fit perfectly within this context gives me enormous satisfaction.

Besides HR, I like to help my colleague with marketing and customer service. That's how it goes in a young start-up. Your work cannot always be compartmentalised, you jump in where necessary and together you pull the same weight in the same direction: straight ahead!

Why did you choose ROOV?

I chose ROOV because it is a start-up company where you can grow professionally.

Where you can make your own proposals and get the chance to realize them. This is not an empty recruitment phrase here, but real reality.

What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is eating and drinking ;-) There is nothing I like better than to have a bite to eat or an aperitif with friends or colleagues and finish with a moelleux au chocolat.

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