Tips & tricks - 11 03 19 Money is a taboo for many couples. How to avoid arguing about money?

Couple calculating finances together

Research shows that many couples don’t talk about money. While money is often one of the main reasons that contribute discussions in a relationship.

It is important that a couple speaks openly about their financial situation. Discuss the household budget, budget for children, how much is left for clothing, hobbies, and how much you should keep aside each month for large invoices to come (insurance, repair of electrical appliances, etc.).

Transparency creates peace and security for both partners. Even if one partner earns more than another, money cannot become a power tool.

ROOV is the ideal partner! You create a "wallet" that you can share with your partner. Both can enter income and expenses. In this way you both stay up to date on the household budget, and you will find important documents quickly and efficiently (ranging from a guarantee certificate for your latest new mobile phone to the EPC report for your home).

Pie chart with expenses

Tips & tricks!

  • Discuss your budgets based on income and expenses
  • Create a shared wallet and set the necessary categories
  • Analyze the results and set budget alerts as needed.

Good luck!


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