Story - 19 11 20 Nick saved € 1.500 on his energy bill in just a few minutes...

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Save € 1.500 on energy on an annual basis? It's possible! Read the interview with Nick, who has saved €1.500 on an annual basis thanks to the ROOV comparator.

How long have you been using ROOV?

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I have been using ROOV for a year, but since 2020, I have started scanning and arranging my invoices on a regular basis. Now I follow it very closely, in and out. I have two wallets. 

Why do you use ROOV?

I use ROOV with the intention of doing my personal accounting in a systematic and simple way. The aim is to find a balance between income and expenditure and perhaps even better to be able to save some money as well. 

At the end of the year, I hope to be able to submit a general overview to my accountant. This summary should also mean that I will have to consult my accountant less (and will therefore have to pay less, another saving).

Perhaps an idea for the future of the app: prepare everything automatically for the tax authorities to be able to forward. 

How did the activation of the energy comparator go?

The energy comparator is a very user-friendly tool to quickly and easily find a cheaper (and greener) energy supplier. The ROOV app fills in a number of things itself:

  • invoicing address
  • customer numbers
  • meter numbers
  • EAN-number
  • annual consumption 

Immediately after confirmation I received an e-mail with further instructions and the date of implementation.

How much money have you saved?

I have saved € 1000 and € 500 on an annual basis for both contracts and 100% green electricity in both cases. Green electricity is very important for me. The app rightly asks a question about this when filling in the form.

I am very pleased with the energy comparator and look forward to the features that are coming. 

"Sorry for my enthusiasm... but you have gold in your hands. So many possibilities and, above all, so much revenue for the user. Top! Go ROOV!"

Like Nick, do you want to see if you can save money on energy? See how you can optimize your invoice here. 


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