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Over many years, the household budget book became a control mechanism for many to know exactly how income and expenditure relate to each other. But now there is a digital alternative that can do more than just track of costs and revenues. 

ROOV responds to an important aspect of every family. Getting an overview of the financial situation and proactively carrying out an analysis. Where can we optimize, where do most of our expenses go,...

How do we get our household budget book full? 

Charge invoices in ROOV using various methods:

  • Mail directly to your individual ROOV mail address which you received when creating an ROOV account. 
  • Are your invoices stored on your PC? Drag and drop all documents into the app and they will be processed. 
  • Open the ROOV app on your phone and take a photo within the application. 
  • Put your documents on the scanner and mail them to your ROOV account. 

Determine your categories

  • You can assign each document to a category
  • Decide for yourself in the app how you want the categories are classified. (think of this a creating columns in excel)
  • You can choose between the following categories: income, home, bills, basic, personal, leisure, transport, etc.
  • This gives you a clear overview of how much you spend per category and where you can save.

Connect your Bank accounts

You can now link your bank accounts to ROOV. What is the advantage of this? You immediately see all your expenses in the app without much effort. Via a module (which is under banking control) you will have access to all your payments and they can be shown directly in the app. This of aal the accounts you own.

Get a clear overview of the cost evolution in recent years

grafieken kostenoverzicht

Via the statistics tab, you will find clear graphs and you will get an overview of the cost evolution in recent years.


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