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Why did we choose this name for our company? Roof transforms into ROOV.

When you read our story, you know where it all began: with the construction of a new house, a mountain of paperwork to climb, and a budget to keep under control.
When we initially started this challenge, our working name was Housepass. A digital passport of your home where you could easily transfer it to another owner. Thanks to research and market research at IMEC (largest research institution in Belgium), it turned out that our application needed to be expanded. Due to this evolution, Housepass has gradually been transformed into ROOV.

How did we get the name ROOV? We wanted to keep the connection of Housepass: roof is a roof over your head, which links to a personal household situation. Eventually the name changed from Roof to ROOV, with each letter representing a unique aspect of our application.

ROOV is short and sweet and stands for: Retrace, Organise, Optimise and Visualise.


One of the things that many people struggle with is finding (retrace) documents, invoices,.... Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence which we wrote ourselves, you can find every document, every issue, every income within 3 seconds by means of a simple search function. No more hours searching for insurance documents, guarantee vouchers,....


When using the app correctly, you always start with organising: organizing, keeping track, collecting invoices, leases, insurance documents, certificates, everything you find in your filing cabinet. This in our highly secure digital archive in the cloud: always accessible, anytime and anywhere.


When all this data is visualised, captured and easily retrieved, the ultimate goal is optimisation. Our analytical model is built in such a way that it will store your data in full compliance with GDPR and privacy rules. ROOV searches the market for better/cheaper opportunities without you having to do anything yourself. If you don't get better proposals, that means you have the cheapest on the market. Save money in a simple way and let the latest technological evolutions work for you and swipe left or right that's all we ask.


When you capture all this data in a central place, you can easily visualise it in a user-friendly app that provides insights into your consumption behavior, cost analysis and more.


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