News - 16 09 20 Today in all the newspapers: Money worries among 4 out of 10 young people

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Is there still enough money in my current account, will my card be refused? Will I be able to pay my rent/loan? These are some of the questions young people have to answer on a daily basis. Four out of ten young people sometimes lie awake because of money worries, according to research by the federation of the financial sector Febelfin. The study was conducted before the corona crisis broke out in the 15-30 age group. Read more about how ROOV can help.

Financial knowledge

Febelfin sees a strong correlation between financial knowledge, involvement and money problems. Those who are less well informed about their financial affairs are less inclined to concern themselves with money issues and are more likely to have money problems. 

However, having financial knowledge is essential. Someone who is well informed about his/her income, expenses and what he/she saves monthly will experience less stress than someone who does not have a clear view on this.

The ROOV app offers help

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