Tips & tricks - 24 06 21 What is the difference between financial wellness and financial wellbeing?

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Financial wealth does not guarantee a happy financial situation. It may sound strange, but there is a fundamental difference between the two. 


Financial worries

Recent research by ROOV has shown that more than 39% of the population regularly worry about their finances.
These worries can be of various kinds:

  • we have insufficient funds to pay the bills
  • we can't save any more at the end of the month, .... until I do have enough in the account but don't know how to manage it properly.

Financial illiteracy

Where does this concern come from and how can we address it, is a difficult question to answer. But it is a question that is becoming more important in a society full of change. One of the most important aspects was the financial illiteracy and lack of education of our youth during their secondary education. Almost 80% of young people said that there is a need for training and knowledge and that this should be given at the grassroots level, i.e. at school. 
Someone who is better educated and better informed will also make better choices in the long run and be more confident about their financial situation and how to control it. 


But how do we create a climate where we can openly and transparently analyse, understand and share with each other with the objective of better financial wellbeing. A healthy situation that is different for everyone but where you are constantly in control of your situation. 

The lack of such vision is something that must be addressed not in the long term but in the short term. Financial wellbeing has an impact on our health system, with fewer burnouts, depressions, and so on. In short, let's help steer our well-being by sharing substantiated knowledge in an easy way to those who are interested.

It is a commitment that we want to work on with ROOV in the years to come. Creating a healthy mentality based on growing knowledge, understanding your situation and ultimately improving in the short and long term.

Learn a man to fish and he will have food forever. 

A clear overview of your income and expenditure? Immediately see where you can save? Download ROOV today and get financial peace of mind.


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