Tips & tricks - 07 07 20 What you need to know about the household budget book

Household budget book

Do you wonder how much you have left at the end of the month and how much you are effectively saving? An (online) household budget book can help you with this. 

Household budget book what is it?

A household budget book refers to the fact that you keep a clear record of your income and expenses. This can be in a booklet, excel or app. This gives you a clear picture of your budget.

How do you make a household budget book?

Household budget book offline en online
  • You record all your household expenses such as groceries, energy, telecom costs, expenses on clothing, loan,...
  • In addition to your expenses, you also record your income. How much do you earn each month? Do you have other sources of income? For example, do you receive rent every month from your tenant? List all these.
  • You choose what you find easiest. You can write down your finances in a notebook, add them in an excel document or you can use an app. An example of an app is ROOV, a financial administration app. The app's cost overview gives you a visual overview of your expenses per category. You can also see how much you are saving.

Why use a housekeeping book?

  • The housekeeping booklet is often used to see where savings can be made. Because of the clear overview of your costs, you can immediately see which expenses you can cut. Is it necessary to order a take-away coffee or a sandwich every day during lunch? Take a look at what expenses are really necessary for you and which are less necessary.
  • Have you no idea how much you save each month? Then the housekeeping booklet can help you with that too. By systematically keeping a record of your monthly income in addition to your expenses, you get a clear overview of what you save each month and what your fixed and variable costs are.
  • you can also put saving goals first. For example, if you wish to set aside x euro in the month to buy a car. Evaluate regularly whether you manage to reach your goals and whether you need to adjust your target or not.
  • Make sure you spend less than your income.

Whether you keep a housekeeping book in a paper version, in an excel or in an app. By continuously keeping track of your income and expenses, you get a clear budget overview. Want to know more about budget planning? Read our blog post Budget planning in 5 easy steps


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