Improving the life of debt mediators and their clients

A time reducing solution that raises the profitability of your assignment and adds value to society by automation. Thanks to Roov, you stay in control by generating proactive insights.

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More profitability thanks to automation
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More control of your processes through digitisation
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Time reducing features – less calls and emails
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Extra support for your clients with our ROOV app

Business dashboard

Screenshot of the ROOV Business dashboard and inbox
  • Real time and up to date dashboard
  • Proactive notifications from the mediator bank accounts
    • Loss of income
    • Reserves surpassing threshold
  • Notifications from the client bank account
    • New debt detected
    • Insufficient funds expected
    • Doubtful income
    • Unpaid bills

Client application

Screenshot of the ROOV mobile application
  • Finance app
  • Follow up on transactions and balance of mediator bank account
  • Proactive notifications from the client bank account
    • Insufficient funds expected
    • Unpaid bills
  • Learning trajectory toward financial literacy
  • Incentives and reward system

Mission statement

ROOV Business is an application that focusses on professionals (debt mediators, public centers for social welfare, social renting offices...) who commit themselves every day to deliver positive work for a target group of people that are sometimes ignored by society. We want to do our part by creating value for those professionals and for their clients. We aim at more transparency, more clarity and a more profound professionalisation of the sector.

The way down is much faster than the way up, let’s create a path of financial well being for them who need it the most.


Frédéric Vandenhende

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