Optimise Optimisation proposals from our app

Our virtual expense manager helps you optimise expenses and save money. Today we offer a comparison feature for your energy invoice. What's on the schedule? Comparison of telecom, insurance, you name it.

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Proposals for cutting costs at the click of your mouse

All you have to do is upload an invoice (energy, telecom, insurance,...) and indicate that you want to optimise this invoice. Our software analyses the data related to your spending and alerts you about cheaper offers in the marketplace. Let our app work for you by sending your data fully anonymously to trusted providers. In a matter of days, accept or reject the alternative.

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Know how you compare with peers

Find out how your spending compares with that of similar profiles (coming soon)

With the help of Artificial Intelligence embedded into our application, we find where you rank in terms of expenses compared with peers, and let you know. No action required from you.

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Saving money has never been easier

Keep your expenses under control by setting budget alerts (later available)

Do you spend too much of your budget in new sneakers? Too many monthly restaurant costs? Put some limits in the categories of your choice and get alerts when you exceed your limit.

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Optimise Optimisation proposals from our app


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