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Also struggling with document-overload? Looking for an important document, but you cannot find it in the closet? These worries belong to the past, with our cloud-based archive. Invoices, contracts, deeds, warranties, salary strips, diplomas: we keep it all in a highly secured environment that guarantees privacy. Let our app ease your administration!

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Highly secured digital archive

Get rid of your paperwork and keep all your documents safe in one place. Your privacy is our priority!

Lost the warranty of your washing machine? The related repair cost is no longer yours if your document is in our archive. Uploading your documents couldn’t be easier:

  • Send your invoices to your ROOV e-mail address
  • Take a pic or scan of any document
  • Drag and drop documents from your desktop to the app
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Personalised according to your needs

Our app puts all your documents in easy categories

Car, kids, loan, transport, telecom… you name it. At the time you create your account, you just choose which categories apply to you. 

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AI data recognition

Let the app work for you

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our app reads, categorises, retraces and finds all your documents. Clever software proposes a category and fills in the details. This feature skips manual input and gives you more quality time.

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Banking All your accounts in 1 place

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Organise Organise online digital archive

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Analyse Financial housekeeping in 1 overview

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Optimise Optimisation proposals from our app


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