ROOV is the app that wants to make administration more fun. No more closets stuffed with papers but an online archive that gives you insights in your expenses and costs. Whether on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer you can immediately use ROOV. In the near future we will launch new features so you van automatically save on some of your expenses.

A good financial management creates a peace of mind.

We are fully aware of the confidential importance of the data of our users. To protect your information we took several measures. In the first place our communication between the app and our servers goes through a secured SSL link with 256 bit encryption. As an extra security for the user sessions we use encrypted tokens that are only limited in time available. Every communication between our different servers is also encrypted or in a private network.

Our hosting-providers are well known with a 2-step verification security level. Only 2 of our lead developers have the access to servers and only use it for new code or maintenance of the application.

Under no circumstance the data of the private users in our database will be seen or used or linked to an user account.

The data will never be used or analysed to provide to other parties.

Mobile: Go to the login screen and click on ‘?’ next to password

Desktop: Go to the login screen and click on ‘Forgot password’

In both cases you receive a mail from ROOV with further instructions to reset a new password.

In case you still have problems , you can mail your problem to customercare@roov.app We will help you asap.

Go to your profile and click ‘wallet’. Enclosed you will find your ROOV account with your mailadres …@roov.app.

We created this mailadres especially for you. It is also only known by you where you can send every pdf directly into the ROOV account.

Click your profile icon en then go to ‘Wallet’. Select the wallet you want to change. Here you see the button ‘Change category configuration’.



First step: When you want to add a cost or income you have to click 1 button:

You will find this button on every screen. (when u use desktop, you will find it on top on the right side, when you use ROOV on mobile, this button is always on the bottom on the right of your screen)

Step 2: Choose a document that you want to add to ROOV and select the category of choice.

How do you add a document? There are 4 different possibilities.

  1. Take a picture with the ROOV app while you are processing your expense/income
  2. You already took some pictures of documents (invoices, warrantees, …) and add them in the same way as in the first step
  3. Mail all your documents directly into your ROOV account. We created a mailadres that is only known by you where you can send every pdf directly into the ROOV account
  4. Do you have documents on your desktop? Log into ROOV from your desktop and drag and drop them into your ROOV account.

Step 3: Once you entered all the information correctly, you have to confirm the document. Your document is now added to ROOV.

No, you can add costs and income without a document. Just click on ‘+’ button and proceed without photo.

ROOV is working towards integrations with your bank accounts. Because we need some extra licenses we hope in the next 3 months to have a first version where we would be connected with 3 banks.

Yes! You just have to click on your profile icon and choose ‘wallet’.

Desktop: Click on the icon on the right between the pencil and the 3 little dots. You will see download all my information.

Mobile: Select your wallet. Click the 3 dots on the top right and select ‘Download‘.

Desktop: On top of your screen next to dashboard , you see ‘Documents’

Mobile: on the bottom of the screen you see the button ‘Documents’

On mobile and on desktop you can search for any document by name. Just click on the magnifying glass and start typing.

You can delete your ROOV account when you click on ‘your profile’ – ‘wallet’. You see all the accounts you have made. On top of the screen you have the 3 dots where you see delete my account.

Your data will be kept for 3 months and after that it will be fully and permanently deleted from our servers. The only reason why we keep the data for 3 months is to give you the possibility to restore your account. With a simple request to us we can directly delete all the data immediately.

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