The digital accountant for families

A smart archive of all your documents combined with powerful online bookkeeping, giving you timely payments, budget control and many opportunities to save money. Make your administration and accounting exciting and get more quality time for less effort.

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Organising - Highly secured cloud-based digital archive for all your documents
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Banking - Connect your bank transactions into 1 independent app
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Analysing - Expense tracker - gain insight into your costs and expenses
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Optimise - Save money with limited effort

What’s in it for you?

  • Fully secured digital archive in the cloud. Privacy is our number one concern
  • First banking support app that helps you save money
  • Monitor and optimise your expenses without effort
  • From invoice to payment: easy and fully integrated
  • Automated alerts about upcoming payments and budget excess
  • Minimal effort, maximum return 

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How to save money

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Banking All your accounts in 1 place

Multiple banks and accounts
Link your invoices and payments
Effective payment tool
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Organise Organise online digital archive

Highly secured digital archive
Personalised according to your needs
AI data recognition
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Analyse Financial housekeeping in 1 overview

Clear visuals
Detailed insights and expense evolution
Pro-active alerts
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Optimise Optimisation proposals from our app

Get better offers
Know how you compare with peers
Saving money has never been easier
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