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ROOV is a startup that develops solutions for professionals and individuals who work hard every day to positively contribute to people’s financial well-being. The professional tools we develop are built to help lawyers, debt mediators, social service providers, social housing providers and more. Our SaaS application creates transparency, efficiency and clarity while ensuring the modernisation of the profession. Together we can help people achieve financial well-being.

Certified company by National Bank of Belgium
Label of Trends Impact Awards for most sustainable company 2023

We're thrilled to announce that we've received an award for diversity and inclusion (SME) alongside Accent (a large company) at the Trends Impact Awards. With our SAAS software application, we aim to assist debt mediators, budget managers, and guardians in empowering their clients to take control of their finances.

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Who are our customers?

Every individual who needs help with their finances and the professionals who guide them are potential users of our applications. Discover our different types of users below:

Debt Mediation, Guardianship, Personal budget guidance

Lawyer, Social Services Provider Client
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Social housing provider

Provider Renter
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Personal budget management

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ROOV helps us streamline administrative processes, allowing us to focus more on our core competence: assisting our pupils from day to day.

Jo De Nul


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The app took away a lot of frustration. I can see which payments my lawyer made and when my salary arrived on the custodial account. I now feel like I have more control.


PSD2, also known as Payment Services Directive 2, is a European guideline relating to payments based services. The guideline obliges banks to share payments data and bank account information with recognised, trusted, third parties if the end user has instructed them to do so. The third party needs to have obtained a license from the National Bank of Belgium in order to be able to receive the data. As a user, you can only give this type of permission to an entity that has received a PSD2 license. A PSD2 license is only issued after significant and ongoing auditing of the companies’ compliance practices, IT, security and more. Because of this you can be sure that your data is safe due to the strict regulatory obligations placed on the company.

Privacy is one of our most important values. Your data is stored on Belgian servers that comply with the strictest security standards in the business. Because we work through a license of the National Bank of Belgium we also have to comply with strict rules and regulations related to data storage and security. We fully understand that the data we deal with is sensitive and, as a result we treat it with care and with fundamental respect for user privacy.

ROOV is easy to reach for any of your questions. Double check if your question has already been answered at our helpdesk; question not included? Send us an email at If you’re a member of the press you can reach us at

Select your use case and your profile in the menu and scroll down to where you can find the same question but with more detailed information.

We want to improve the image of budget guidance, debt mediation and social housing and fight the stigma associated with it. We want to support people who experience financial stress and support professionals with proactive, early detection of issues to prevent them from becoming bigger. We want to raise awareness about the issues and work to resolve them.

We have spent a lot of time, effort and research in making our application as easy to use as possible. Any individual can start using our services within 3 minutes whether you are a professional using our business platform or an individual downloading and logging into our app. As soon as your accounts are linked all features within the app are activated.

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