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ROOV is the digital accountant for everyone. Thanks to our PSD2 license we can guarantee the same security as a bank. As an independent app we make your personal administration and budget management easy and clear. The app gives you insights into your income and spending habits and let’s you know where you can save. We even send you notifications when potential problems might arise!

Certified company by National Bank of Belgium

All bank accounts in 1 app

Connect all your bank accounts in a single app and get a clear overview of your expenses and your income. Setting up the connection between you bank accounts and the ROOV allows us to access your transaction data and provide you with in depth insights and analysis. ROOV is independent from any bank and guarantees that your data will stay your data. We never share it with anyone without your express permission.


Never late to pay your bills, get monthly reports of your spending habits and get advice on where you can save. Which months are more expensive? How can you budget to prepare for unforeseen costs? Use our learning module and educate yourself so you can become better at managing your money.

Digital archive

Use our digital archive to save, store and retrieve any documents without effort. The app accepts documents through scanning, emailing and uploading; they get processed and saved in the right digital folder that you choose. Never lose another document and keep your archive with you at any time.

Never pay late again

Late fees are expensive and avoidable. ROOV helps you remember when a specific payment hasn’t been done on time. When a bill is uploaded in the archive the due date is automatically saved and you’ll get a notification when it approaches, that way you never forget to pay another bill.

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Great app to keep up with your finances


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I am a ROOV premium user. Integration with the banks is great! This is really user friendly.



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PSD2, also known as Payment Services Directive 2, is a European guideline relating to payments based services. The guideline obliges banks to share payments data and bank account information with recognised, trusted, third parties if the end user has instructed them to do so. The third party needs to have obtained a license from the National Bank of Belgium in order to be able to receive the data. As a user, you can only give this type of permission to an entity that has received a PSD2 license. A PSD2 license is only issued after significant and ongoing auditing of the companies’ compliance practices, IT, security and more. Because of this you can be sure that your data is safe due to the strict regulatory obligations placed on the company.

Privacy is one of our most important values. Your data is stored on Belgian servers that comply with the strictest security standards in the business. Because we work through a license of the National Bank of Belgium we also have to comply with strict rules and regulations related to data storage and security. We fully understand that the data we deal with is sensitive and, as a result we treat it with care and with fundamental respect for user privacy.

ROOV is easy to reach for any of your questions. Double check if your question has already been answered at our helpdesk; question not included? Send us an email at If you’re a member of the press you can reach us at

Got to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for ROOV. When you install the app you will be requested to insert your payment data. There is a 7 day trial, at the end of this you will start paying for the service. You can choose a monthly or a yearly subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Thanks to our PSD2 license we can connect any kind of current account. At this time we can set up a connection with more than 20 banks. Check if your bank is included in the list. Saving accounts cannot be added at this time but we hope that the law will change soon and allow this.

We deploy new features every month the improve the app and our services. Do you have a great idea that can improve the app? Let us know at We will let you know as soon as we add your idea to the roadmap.

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