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When you enter in a debt mediation or budget management process everything is new and that can cause a lot of uncertainty. You need a lot of trust and throughout the process you will probably have a lot of questions, this is where we want to help you. Thanks to the app you can get insights into the trust account. This way you can see if debt payments have been done, your wage has been deposited or if there are other costs incurred at any point in time. The app will also help you manage income and expenses from all your current accounts. That way you know where every cent is going and you get much more control over your financial situation.

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Immediately get answers to questions like: Has my salary been paid or has my rent been paid .. through checking the app. The app links the lawyers’ account to you so you always see what’s happening. Track income and check which expenses have been paid for you at any time. Never miss another transaction with 100% transparency.


Connect your own bank account and get clear insights. Get monthly reports about your spending habits to find out where you can save. Use our learning module at your own pace to learn more about budgeting and how we can help you even more in the future.


The ROOV app keeps you updated and warns you when issues might come up. Your mediator, budget manager or guardian is also in the loop and can take swift action to prevent bigger issues. Financial self-reliance is something we build together. There will always be someone to help you when you need it most.


The effort you put in together with your lawyer, mediator or budget manager should be rewarded. When debt has been lowered, payments done and the journey to financial security is started; we will reward you. The learning module in the app gives you the opportunity to learn how to be better with money.

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The app took away a lot of frustration. I can see which payments my lawyer made and when my salary arrived on the custodial account. I now feel like I have more control.


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The communication with my lawyer improved a lot. I monitor more and I can follow my payment plan better. This gives me the feeling of being in control and it prepares me to manage the period after my debt mediation journey better. .



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PSD2, also known as Payment Services Directive 2, is a European guideline relating to payments based services. The guideline obliges banks to share payments data and bank account information with recognised, trusted, third parties if the end user has instructed them to do so. The third party needs to have obtained a license from the National Bank of Belgium in order to be able to receive the data. As a user, you can only give this type of permission to an entity that has received a PSD2 license. A PSD2 license is only issued after significant and ongoing auditing of the companies’ compliance practices, IT, security and more. Because of this you can be sure that your data is safe due to the strict regulatory obligations placed on the company.

Privacy is one of our most important values. Your data is stored on Belgian servers that comply with the strictest security standards in the business. Because we work through a license of the National Bank of Belgium we also have to comply with strict rules and regulations related to data storage and security. We fully understand that the data we deal with is sensitive and, as a result we treat it with care and with fundamental respect for user privacy.

ROOV is easy to reach for any of your questions. Double check if your question has already been answered at our helpdesk; question not included? Send us an email at If you’re a member of the press you can reach us at

If you are working together with a lawyer, debt mediator or social service provider it would be important that they are already working with ROOV. Send us an email at with the contact details of your debt mediator or social service provider and we will reach out. If they are using ROOV, we will let them know you want to use the app and send you a code that gives you access to all of ROOV’s features. You can also request the code when you launch the app for the first time.

Go to the app store or the Google Play Store and search for ROOV.. important: If you’re under debt mediation or receiving budget management services you should only download and activate your account after we’ve activated the code. Get your code first and then download the app.

The app is the link between you and your mediator or social service provider. It helps transparent communication and allows them to find and act on potential issues faster. You get better and more proactive service when you need it most.

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