1 in 3 families can no longer save according to Test Aankoop

According to a recent study by Test Aankoop, it appears that the balance between spending and income is a difficult exercise for many families.

There are times in the year where your spending is remarkably higher than your income. For example, the summer months can be more expensive due to the planned vacation, the start of the school year results in additional costs, etc. December = gift month, certainly this doesn't do any good either. In short, how do you budget enough so that you are not faced with surprises?

The start of every budget planning is to get an overview in the full picture of your costs and expenses.

    Some tips

    • Know which annual costs recur, take into account, for example, property tax
    • Provide unforeseen costs to eg. the car, electrical appliances, ...
    • Compare prices

    In addition, you can not only keep your costs under control, but see where optimizations are possible. For example: energy bill, telecom, insurance, ... Always try to find the most economical solution.

    A few small costs can certainly be cheaper, but nobody looks at these. E.g. health care. There are also big differences between the providers.

    These are just a few things that should help you get a better financial household. 

    ROOV is the tool that helps you on your way. Use the balance checker and analyze where the expensive months are located. 

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